Sunday, 8 March 2015

No 17 8th March

Gosh - I am exhausted just reading about what is going on down the road at No 2.

I certainly cannot keep up with them.... they may have nibbled Laurels and Viburnum but  I have the dreaded  box blight  - maybe this is not a good way to promote visitors to our gardens? 

On a cheerier note my Daphne Jaqueline Postill is in full swing - the fragrance is amazing. Even the window cleaners - not ususally known for their horticultural prowess  - have asked for a cutting!   

Camellia Mars
Elsewhere the camellias are  showing off.

I am very lucky with my light acid soil.

I continue to accumulate  plants, despite the garden being 'full' and a firm resolve to stop, but who can resist  the delightfully dwarf Magnolia Kay Parris or  that special trillium ...?....

Consequently a bit more lawn bites the dust and a new bed emerges waiting to be planted up once the almost pure sand soil has been enriched.

I am not sure I will be happy 'til all the lawn has gone! 


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